S-5-K Grip & K Grip Snow Seam Clamp


The S-5-K Grip (“K” stands for KlipLok®), is designed to fit the KlipLok and similar profiles. Two different inserts (select to order below) compensate for exact rib dimensions.

If using with ColorGard, make sure to select the S-5-K Grip Snow version.



Looking for  Increased Holding Strength for Mounting to Klip-Lok® and Similar Metal Roofs?

The S-5-K Grip (“K” stands for KlipLok®), is designed to fit the KlipLok and similar profiles. Two different inserts (select to order) compensate for exact rib dimensions.

The K Grip eliminates the large moment arm typical of some competitive clamps, and its mounting bolt sits concentrically on the seam, increasing load resistance.

Unlike other S-5! clamps, the K Grip uses side-bolts rather than setscrews for attachment. The flanged-head bolts also prevent over-compression of the seam and eliminate the need for calibrated tensioning.

S-5-K Grip vs S-5-K Grip Snow

Difference bewteen S-5-K Grip and S-5-K Grip Snow






The only difference between the S-5-K Grip and the S-5-K Grip Snow is the location of the top hole.

The off-centered bolt hole of the S-5-K Grip Snow is perfectly positioned to be used in combination with our industry-renowned ColorGard Snow Retention System.

Are you installing solar, satellite dishes or other less demanding products? The S-5-K Grip mini clamp might be a better option.

Which Insert do You Need?

S-5-GX10 fits Concealed Fix Narrow Seams (1″ width):

  • Lysaght Klip-Lok® 406
  • McElroy Metal Mirage
  • AEP Span Klip-Rib®
  • Metal Sales Clip-Loc
  • SpeedDeck®
  • Safintra Saflock 410 & 700
  • Domico Dach®
  • and similar profiles

S-5-GX50 fits Concealed Fix Wide Seams (1-3/8″ width):

  • Lysaght Klip-Lok Classic® 700
  • Lysaght Klip-Lok 700 Hi-Strength®
  • Stramit® Speed Deck Ultra®
  • Fielders KingKlip® 700
  • and similar profiles

Panel Profiles the S-5-K Grip fits:

panel profiles the S-5-K grip fits





Product Specifications:

  • Developed for best suitability to Klik-Rib®, Klip-Loc® and other concealed-fix, snap-together profiles
  • Design utilizes multiple insert options to accommodate variation sin brand-specific rib dimensions
  • Mounting bolt is directly at center of the clamp (S-5-K Grip) or offset for ColorGard applications (S-5-K Grip Snow)
  • Two (2) Side Bolts and one (1) top bolt included

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S-5-K Grip Brochure
S-5-K Grip Installation Instructions
S-5-K Grip Dimensioned Drawing
S-5-K Grip Snow Dimensioned Drawing


Additional information

Weight 7.36 oz
Dimensions 2.15 × 1.73 × 4.15 in
Insert Style

GX-10 Narrow Seam, GX-50 Wide Seam


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