S-5! SnoRail & SnowFence

Traditional snow retention with a one or two rail system

S-5! SnoRail & SnoFence

About S-5! SnoRail & SnoFence – Aluminum


The SnowRail snow guard system is a single rail system that manages snow retention on standingseam metal roof panels, in particular traditional 1″ and 1-1/2″ double lock profiles. The clean lines make SnoRail and its two-rail sister a favored choice of architects and designers. Manufactured in the United States using prime aricraft grade aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and stainless steel SnoRod for long life, durability and weathering resistance.

SnoRail uses the following components:


The SnoFence snow retention system is the two rail version of the Snorail, featuring posts at every mounting point that allow the addition of a second bar for additional strength and aesthetic appeal. This design favors more traditional European design for snow retention with the same S-5! quality and durability as the SnoRail system.

SnoFence uses the following components:

About SnoRail & SnoFence -Brass

SnoRail Brass

Nothing matches the beauty of natural copper metal roofing, but finding a comaptible snow retention system is a daunting task. The S-5 SnoRail Brass single bar system is designed to be used exclusively with copper roofing, featuring durable brass components with stainless steel hardware to ensure long live, perfect compatiblity and superior corrosion resistance.

SnoRail Brass uses the following components:

* We do not inventory Brass Rod. Your local supplier can usually provide this, however we are happy to quote per order.


SnoFence Brass

8SnoFence Brass features the same design concept as regualr SnoFence with its two rod system, but is manufactured using prime brass stock and utilizes all stainless steel hardware for a sno retention system compatible with most copper roof panels that use a traditional 1″ or 1.5″ standing seam.

SnoFence Brass uses the following components:

*We do not inventory Brass Rod. Your local supplier can usually provide this, however we are happy to quote per order

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