S-5! VersaGard

Snow Retention for Exposed-Fastener Roof Systems

S-5! VersaGard

  • S-5! DualClip II for DualGard

    DualClip II

  • S-5! DualClip III for DualGard Snow Guards

    DualClip III

  • S-5! DualCollars & Endcaps for DualGard Pipe (Four Pack)

    DualCollars & Endcaps for DualGard Pipe (4pc)

  • S-5! DualPipe for DualGard Systems

    DualPipe for DualGard & VersaGard

  • S-5! VersaGard Mounting Bracket from BuyS-5!

    VersaGard Mounting Bracket


VersaGard snow retention systems are a versatile and economical two-pipe snow retention system designed to be attached to exposed-fastened or face-fastened metal roofs. VersaGard features a unique  “well” built into its base with a factory applied self adhesive butyl sealant for leak-free attachment that will not crack or split. Upon removal of the protective seal, the bracket is also fastened with gasketed fasteners for a lifetime of worry-free performance. Simple installation makes this a popular choice. 

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