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Sustainable Solar Mount Solutions for Metal Roof Systems From S-5!

S-5! PVKIT 2.0 Solar Mounting

Want to Reduce Solar Mounting Costs on Your Metal Roof Project?

Getting project materials to the jobsite and onto the roof are often considered unavoidable costs associated with solar mounting.

It costs money every time you have to move materials and/or equipment. What if you could greatly reduce the weight and volume of your solar system? 

Using the PVKIT can save you up to 50% in:

  • Hardgoods – For example, a 50kW system requires about 150 lbs. (68kg) of parts vs. 970 lbs. (440kg) of rail.
  • Shipping – 80% lighter weight than rail mounting. Fewer than 3.5 lbs./kW (1.6kg) vs. 19.4 lbs. (8.6kg/kW) for rails.
  • Material transportation to the site – The 50 kW system delivers to the jobsite in the trunk of your car.
  • Lifting equipment not needed –  Equipment is only necessary for projects more than 500kW.
  • Installation time and cost – Locate modules as desired without customizing rails. Installation time is 30-50% less.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Assembly is available in black architectural anodizing.

Your Metal Roof Already Comes with Rails for Solar Mounting – Why Pay Twice?

Using the roof’s integrated “rails” makes solar mounting quick and convenient. Compared to rail mounting, the PVKIT:

  • reduces the weight of the mounting system by 85%
  • provides 25% better load distribution
  • uses 70% fewer components
  • lowers material costs

With total mounting system weight below 3.5 lbs./kW (1.6kg)/kW compared to 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)/kW for railed systems, the savings in transportation costs and logistics is tremendous. The solar zone layout is more flexible. The added load to the building structure is far less. Material handling is reduced and simplified with only 3 components for the mounting system. Electrical bonding is automatic. “Lay and play” installation saves time on the roof.

PVKit Features

  • Compatible with all S-5! clamps
  • Can be used with almost any S-5! attachment bracket
  • Pre-assembled components
  • Versatile: Same kit for 30-46 mm module frames
  • Only one tool needed for installation
  • UL 2703 listed ground path is automatic
  • Multiple slots for wire ties
  • Available in black – architectural anodizing
  • Allows load reduction per ASCE-7
  • 25% better load distribution

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