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CanDuit by S-5!

CanDuit by S-5!


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Restrain, secure and support piping, conduit, condensate lines and other round shapes – all while protecting your metal roof. IMPORTANT: if using CanDuit with S-5! Brackets, note that some brackets do not include the M8 nut required to secure CanDuit to the bracket. M8 nuts are available separately.

How do you attached pipes, conduit & other round objects to a metal roof?

Are you propping up pipes and conduit on your metal roof with wood blocks, cinderblocks, rubber pads and Unitstrut, or whatever else you can find? These haphazard and messy assemblies can trap moisture, cause corrosion and leech chemicals onto the roof, voiding its warranty.

With the CanDuit securement clamp, you can contain pipes and conduit in an easy, organized manner with no scratching, corrosion or other damage to your roof.

Multiple Applications

CanDuit works on all types of metal roofing.

Simply pair CanDuit with S-5! non-penetratingly seam clamps, mini clamps or with S-5!’s weatherproofed brackets for exposed fastener roof panels. CanDuit can also be paired with the GripperFix utility mounting system.

Expertly support piping and conduit in residential and commercial settings for a range of applications:

  • Electrical
  • Solar
  • Water plumbing
  • Condensate draingage
  • Gas plumbing

Couple with GripperFix, you can also use CanDuit for wire chases and in trays, and the securement clamp attaches conduit in compliance with NEC (National Electrical Code)

Features and Benefits

  • Complete solution from a single source
  • Secure and long life span
  • Fits all S-5! clamps, mini clamps and brackets using CanDuit’s 8mm* threaded shaft
  • Easy installation (no special tools)
  • Avoids scratches and potential corrosion and warranty issues
  • Fewer components – saves costs


  • Strap is corrosion-resistant, electro-zinc coated steel with an 8-micron minimum thickness
  • EPDM liner pad prevents metal to metal contact and corrosion
  • Durable in all environments, CanDuit comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacture defects


SKU Size Nom Trade Size Range of Fitment
54001008 #1 1/2″ [13mm] 0.79″ to 0.94″ [20mm-24mm]
54001009 #2 3/4″ [19mm] 0.98″ to 1.18″ [25mm-30mm]
54001010 #3 1″ [25mm] 1.26″ to 1.46″ [32mm-37mm]
54001011 #4 1-1/4″ [32mm] 1.54″ to 1.81″ [40mm-46mm]
54001012 #5 1-1/2″ [38mm] 1.89″ to 2.10″ [48mm-46mm]
54001014 #7 2″ [50mm] 2.3″ to 2.6″ [58mm-66mm]
54001016 #9 2-1/2″ [64mm] 2.9″ to 3.15″ [74mm-80mm]
54001018 #11 3″ [76mm] 3.4″ to 3.7″ [86mm-94mm]
54001021 #14 4″ [102MM] 4.25″-4.6″ [108MM-117MM]

*IMPORTANT: if using CanDuit with S-5! Brackets, note that some brackets do not include the M8 flanged nut required to secure CanDuit to the bracket. M8 flanged nuts are available separately.

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