S-5! Mini Clamps

No matter what the profile, S-5! has the solution

S-5! Mini Clamps

  • s-5-n mini no bolt

    NEW S-5-N Mini Seam Clamp

  • Original S-5-N Mini Seam Clamp – Limited Stock

  • s-5-b mini no bolt

    S-5-B Brass Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-e mini no bolt

    S-5-E Mini Seam Clamp

  • S-5-EF Flanged Mini Clamps

    S-5-EF Flanged Mini Clamps

  • S-5-FA Flanged Mini Clamps

    S-5-FA Flanged Mini Clamps

  • s-5-h mini no bolt

    S-5-H Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-h90 mini no bolt

    S-5-H90 Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-k grip mini no bolt

    S-5-K Grip Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-n 1.5 no bolt

    S-5-N 1.5 Mini Seam Clamp

  • S-5-NH 1.5 Mini

  • s-5-q mini no bolt

    S-5-Q Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-r465 mini no bolt

    S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-s mini no bolt

    S-5-S Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-t mini no bolt

    S-5-T Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-u mini no bolt

    S-5-U Mini Seam Clamp

  • S-5-USF Flanged Mini Clamps

    S-5-USF Flanged Mini Clamps

  • s-5-v mini no bolt

    S-5-V Mini Seam Clamp

  • s-5-z mini no bolt

    S-5-Z Mini Seam Clamp

  • S-5-ZF Flanged Mini Clamps

    S-5-ZF Flanged Mini Clamps


S-5! Clamp Accessories

  • S-5! Bullet Nose Setscrews 0.50

    Bullet Nose Set Screws 0.50″ (50pc Bag)

  • s-5-bullet-nose-setscrews-080-from-rapidmaterials

    Bullet Nose Set Screws 0.80″ (50pc Bag)

  • M8-1.25x16mm Flanged Bolt

  • M8-1.25x20mm Flanged Bolt

  • M8-1.25x40mm Flanged Bolt


About S-5! Mini Clamps

S-5!® mini clamps attach to the metal roof panel seam by the tightening of one “bullet-nosed” stainless steel setscrew against the seam material. The setscrew compress the seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp. Threaded holes in the clamp  enable the easy attachment of various ancillary items to the clamps.

S-5! Mini clamps no longer include the top bolt as a standard item. 

You can now purchase mini clamps with no bolt, or with one of three bolt options: 16mm (5/8″), 20mm (7/8″) and 40mm (1-9/16″)

S-5 Mini clamps are the superior choice for mounting solar modules, solar racking systems, signs, satellite dishes and other products, but are also used with some of our high performance snow retention systems, like DualGard and X-Gard.

S-5! mini clamps should never be used with ColorGard snow retention systems. For this application use regular S-5 seam clamps.


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