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S-5-H Mini Seam Clamp

S-5-H Mini Seam Clamp


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The S-5-H mini clamp is engineered to grip the seam of the metal roof panel without penetrating or damaging the roof surface. It utilizes a unique set of round-point setscrews that engage into the seam, providing exceptional holding strength. The clamp’s design ensures a secure connection, even when the horizontal seam is wider or partially open.

The S-5-H Mini clamp is specifically designed for horizontal seam profiles that are not fully closed. It is a two-piece clamp that can be attached anywhere along the seam length, allowing for flexibility in positioning. The clamp is suitable for roof panels with a horizontal seam that is not completely closed.

One notable feature of the S-5-H Mini clamp is its side-install setscrew design. Instead of the traditional top-down setscrews, this clamp has setscrews installed from the side. This design choice makes it easier to install the clamp on horizontally-oriented seams that are not fully closed.

The clamp also comes with an insert that enables it to fit over wider horizontal seams up to 0.75 inches (19mm) in width. This feature provides additional versatility in accommodating different seam sizes.

The S-5-H Mini clamp is commonly used for medium-duty applications such as solar installations, as well as other rooftop accessories and equipment. It is suitable for attaching signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment, and various other rooftop installations.

*S-5!® Mini clamps are not compatible with, and should not be used with, S-5! SnoRail /SnoFence or ColorGard® snow retention systems.

  • No bolt
  • 17mm (11/16″) M8-1.25 Flanged Bolt
  • 20mm (7/8″) M8-1.25 Flanged Bolt
  • 40mm (1-9/16″) M8-1.25 FlangedBolt

S-5-H mini works on panel profiles that look like this:

Other profiles that work with the S-5-H mini:


*S-5!® Mini clamps are not compatible with, and should not be used with, S-5! SnoRail /SnoFence or ColorGard®

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