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S-5-NH 1.5 Mini

S-5-NH 1.5 Mini


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The S-5-NH 1.5 mini clamp is designed to fit any 1-1/2″ nail strip panel profile with a panel width ranging between 0.475″ and 0.80″. It comes with one stainless steel set screw and a reversible insert. The stainless steel set screw is used to secure the clamp onto the panel, providing a secure attachment. The reversible insert helps to accommodate panels with different widths within the specified range. This versatility allows the S-5-NH 1.5 mini clamp to be compatible with a variety of nail strip panel profiles and widths.

The S-5-NH 1.5 mini is specifically designed for use with 1.5″ (38 mm) nail strip profiles that have a wider horizontal dimension between 0.475″ and 0.800″. The “H” in the product name signifies its hinged design.

This particular product, the S-5-NH 1.5 mini, serves as an excellent mounting solution for certain profiles like VicWest Prestige, NewTech FF150, and similar profiles with comparable dimensions. It offers a secure and reliable method for attaching various accessories or equipment to these specific nail strip profiles.

When using the S-5-NH 1.5 mini, you can ensure proper attachment and stability while mounting items such as solar panels, HVAC equipment, snow retention systems, or other accessories onto the compatible nail strip profiles mentioned.

Please ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations when selecting and installing any specific product to ensure proper compatibility and functionality

The S-5-NH 1.5 Mini is not compatible with and should never be used with ColorGard snow retention systems. The regular S-5-NH 1.5 should be used with ColorGard.

The S-5-NH mini fits 1-1/2″ Nail-Strip panel profiles that have a wider horizontal dimension from 0.475″ to 0.8″ in width.


  • Reversible Hinge allows for fit on both wide and also medium width panel profiles
  • Hinged Insert conforms to shape of seam, preventing damage or puncture at the point of attachment
  • Optimal Holding Strength. The toe on the hinged portion of the clamp engages the female portion of the panel
  • Staked Clamp Body prevents the insert from walking during installation and tightening of set screws
  • Angled Setscrews make it easier to tighten with a screwgun
  • T-30 Torx setscrews improve driver bit withdrawal after the screw has been tensioned
  • Standard and Mini sizes available (mini clamps should never be used with ColorGard snow retention systems)
  • 6000 Series aluminum body and insert
  • 300 Series stainless steel hardware
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