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S-5-S Mini Seam Clamp

S-5-S Mini Seam Clamp


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The S-5-S mini clamps are highly versatile and designed specifically for popular snap-together standing seam profiles. These clamps are engineered to provide a secure and non-penetrating attachment solution for various applications on standing seam roofs. The versatility of the S-5-S mini clamps lies in their ability to accommodate different types of standing seam profiles commonly found in the industry. Snap-together standing seam profiles are popular for their ease of installation and superior weather resistance. By being specifically created for these types of profiles, the S-5-S mini clamps offer a reliable and convenient solution for attaching various accessories and equipment to the roof surface.

The S-5-S mini seam clamps are indeed versatile clamps designed for snap-together standing seam profiles. They serve as a shorter version of the original S-5-S seam clamp and offer a range of applications. These clamps are particularly useful for avoiding the need to crimp-seam certain profiles like Firestone UC4 and New Tech Machinery SS550 and SS675.

One notable advantage of the S-5-S mini clamps is their ability to accommodate horizontal seams with a projection under 0.54 inches without requiring double folding of the seam. This feature makes them well-suited for various installations, including solar panels, satellite dishes, rooftop mechanical equipment, signs, and more.

By providing a secure attachment point, the S-5-S mini seam clamps enable the mounting of different objects and equipment onto standing seam roofs without penetrating or damaging the roof surface. This makes them a popular choice for professionals in the roofing and construction industry.

The S-5-S mini seam clamp should never be used with ColorGard snow retention systems. If you are using ColorGard, make sure to use the original S-5-S seam clamp. The S-5-S mini clamp comes complete with one [1] 3/8″x24 x 0.80″ round nose set screw.. All hardware is stainless steel. The Hex bolt is no longer standard with S-5! mini clamps. Options are:

  • No bolt
  • 17mm (11/16″) M8-1.25 Flanged Bolt
  • 20mm (7/8″) M8-1.25 Flanged Bolt
  • 40mm (1-9/16″) M8-1.25 FlangedBolt
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