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S-5! SnoRail & SnoFence

System Overview

SnoRail & SnoFence share most of the same components, so deciding what to use is a simple process.

Snorail & SnoFence aluminum components are designed to be used on aluminum, steel and zinc roof panels. Manufactured from the same high quality aluminum alloy as all other S-5 products, they also feature all stainless steel screws and related hardware.


These clamps are designed to fit either vertical (double-lock) or horizontal (single-lock) seam profiles having a finished seam of dimension (thickness) of 0.40″ or less. This clamp fits a variety of standing seam panels and is secured with two stainless steel set screws (included). The S-5-ASF is used at most of the panel seams in the SnoRail/SnoFence assembly.

Used with SnoPost to create the SnoFence configuration.


Similar to the S-5-ASF, with the addition of a set screw on the front of the clamp that is used to lock SnoRod in place, preventing migration of the SnoRod over time. The S-5-AE is used at the ends of every continuous row of SnoRail/SnoFence, and should additionally be used at the rate of one every 40′ of assembly.

Use with SnoPost-E to create SnoFence.


SnoPost is a stainless steel rod that threads into the top of the S-5-ASF clamp, providing for the additional of a second row of SnoRod about 2″ above the first row.

SnoPost E

SnoPost E performs exactly the same function as the SnoPost, but has a set screw installed in the top of the post to lock down SnoRod so it won’t move.

SnopPost E should be used at all end of run conditions, and every 40′ of continuous run, wherever an S-5-AE clamp is used.

Manufactured from stainless steel.


Stainless Steel SnoRod is inserted into through the S-5-ASF & S-5-AE clamps just above the roof panel seam to create Snorail.

Add Snopost to the S-5-ASF, and SnoPost E to S-5-AE and insert a second SnoRod about two inches above the fist SnoRod to Create SnoFence.

SnoRod Aluminum Coupling

One of the most over looked yet least expensive components of any SnoRail or SnoFence system is the SnoRod Coupling.

The SnoRod coupling fits snugly over the SnoRod to both assure end-to-end alignment of SnoRod and continuity of the assembly.


SnoClip II & SnoClip III

Optional for use with SnoRail & SnoFence are the SnoClip II and SnoClip III.

SnoClip II or SnoClip III can be added to slow and prevent the migration of snow and ice under the SnoRod. 


Industry Leader in Metal Roofing Attachments.

S-5! stays on top of the trends in the metal industry to provide the right products to fit virtually any metal roof profile. S-5! have developed clamps and brackets to support solar and utility installations, along with a top-of-the-line snow retention system to support and protect your metal roof investment.


Bought these to attach a colorgard snow bar to my roof. These were a perfect fit for my 1” clipless hidden fastener roof panels and they had all the hardware I needed. Fast delivery too.

Jordan, KS


Quality. Durability, and strength are top notch.

Don,  OR

S-5-N Mini

We have been using S-5 clamps for over 10 yrs.

We'll continue to use them.

John, FL

S-5-N Mini

S-5 clips are the best product.

The best price with excellent service too.

Jay, WA

S-5-E Mini

In searching for a solution, I found the S-5! S-5-E Mini and after a fair bit of measuring and reviewing, went ahead with a purchase of 4. They functioned exactly as promised.

Mark, TX

RibBracket III

They fit my metal roof just fine and easy to install.

Brian, OR


Best Bracket for metal roof I've found

Carnahan Electric Ltd, CA

ColorGard Snow Rail

Excellent product at a fair price with speedy fair shipping.

Paul, MA


Product is excellent as listed. Order was shipped the same day as received.

Kris, CA


What a time saver! A great product at a good price.

Steven, NC

VersaBracket VB-47

Great, beefy product.

Paul, MA

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