Metal Roof Snow Guards: Why Snow Retention is An Important Investment

Snow retention provides safety and protection to whoever enters your building or home and limits liability and danger. Protecting your property and landscaping is essential because it safeguards your belongings, vehicles, and other equipment.

What Is A Snow Guard?

A snow guard is a device that’s installed to keep snow from drifting off the rooftop and from a higher surface to a lower one. They help prevent snow from accumulating and creating avalanches that damage property and plants.

Why Snow Guards are Important for Metal Roofs

Snow guards are essential for metal roofs because they have a slippery surface, which allows snow to slide off to the ground. These snow guards help block the path of ice and snow and let it melt and slide off in small amounts to avoid any potential damage.

Types and Styles of Snow Retention Systems

Following are the types and styles of snow retention systems to safeguard your landscape and belongings.

a.      Snow Bar

A snow bar is a horizontal metal bar that covers the whole roof and blocks the way of snow and ice to fall off. Snow bar is designed to minimize the risks of rooftop avalanches and maintains the roof’s condition.

b.      Snow Fences

S5! Snow fences manage ice and snow stacking up on the metal surface of your roof. These snow guards are usually ideal for roof designers and architects because of their cylindrical shape, clean lines, and top-notch appearance.

c.       Snow Diverter

Snow diverters help to divert ice and snow away from pipes and stack them on the metal surface of your rooftop to avoid further damage. It stops snow from penetrating and accumulating on metal rooftops.

We offer snow diverter made of 0.125 (1/8) 3003 aluminum and they are fully welded. You need two (2) S-5 Seam Clamps to finish your installation. You can select the right components from our website.

The Latest from S-5! – SnoBracket

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are designed to hold back potentially hazardous accumulated snow loads. It maintains the high insulating qualities of the panels when snow retention systems are mounted onto them.

SnoBracket and SnoBracket RB

SnoBracket is available in two sizes (SnoBracket RB, SnoBracket TB) to accommodate standard rib profiles. SnoBracket provides the best snow retention solution in a reliable, long-lasting, and waterproof system when used in conjunction with S-5!

Protect Your Insulated Metal Roof’s Thermal and Moisture Barrier

IMPs provide comfort, condensation protection, and energy savings. By just attaching to the upper part of the panel and never coming into contact with the building structure, SnoBracket safeguards your IMP investment by preventing thermal bridging.

SnoBracket shields your roof with superior, factory-applied closed-cell EPDM rubber gaskets, ensuring a positive seal against water infiltration.

Angled Attachments Provide Greater Strength

SnoBracket attaches to your IMP trapezoidal and provides more strength, resulting in a substantially better holding capacity.

Bottom Line

Snow retention is essential during harsh winter weather and to avoid any undesired outcomes that include damage or loss of property. Snow guards block the way of snow, allowing it to melt gradually and fall off in small amounts without causing any damage. If you are considering investing in snow retention systems, we’re happy to help you in choosing the best solution for your type of metal roof.

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