SnoBracket RB


Fits 25.4mm (1″) wide (top dimension) trapezoidal panel profiles such as: Metl-Span LS-36 and similar profiles.

Each SnoBracket includes eight (8) 1″ self-piercing screws and one M8 x 16/17mm bolt.

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SnoBracket TB and SnoBracket RB

When mounting snow retention systems onto your Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), you need attachments built to restrain potentially dangerous accumulated snow loads and maintain your panels’ high insulating values. SnoBracket is a sheeting-only bracket created specifically for exposed-fastened IMPs, and it comes in two sizes to fit popular rib profiles. When paired with S-5! ColorGard®, SnoBracket offers you an ideal snow retention solution in a durable, watertight and proven system.

Protect Your Insulated Metal Roof’s Thermal and Moisture Barrier

IMPs deliver energy savings, comfort and protection against condensation. SnoBracket protects your IMP investment by securing into the upper portion of the panel only  – never touching the building structure – to prevent thermal bridging. Moreover, SnoBracket protects your roof with factory-applied, premium, closed-cell EPDM rubber gaskets, creating a positive seal against water intrusion.

Angled Attachments Provide Greater Strength 

SnoBracket’s attaches to your IMP trapezoidal rib in shear using 8, 1-inch self-piercing fasteners (four fasteners on each side). The angled design converts direct forces into shear forces, resulting in much greater holding capacity than direct pull-out fastening.


  • SnoBracket TB fits 31mm (1.22″) wide (top dimension) trapezoidal panel profiles such as KingSpan KingRib, Vicwest HR3/HR5, AWIP HR3/HR5 and similar profiles.
  • SnoBracket RB fits 25.4mm (1″) wide (top dimension) trapezoidal panel profiles such as Metl-Span LS-36 and similar profiles
  • Panel Rib only attachment prevents thermal bridging and provides proven, tested strength
  • 100% compatible with S-5! ColorGard Snow Retention system
  • ASTM E2140 testing and factory applied EPDM sealing technology prevents leaks
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum lasts the life of your roof
  • Endorsed by multiple IMP manufacturers





Each SnoBracket RB or TB includes eight (8) 1″ self-piercing screws and one M8 x 16/17mm bolt.

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Weight 6.12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1.5 × .5 in