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Satellite Dish Mounting Kit for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Satellite Dish Mounting Kit for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

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Everything you need to mount a Satellite Dish on a Standing Seam Metal Roof. IMPORTANT: If you are installing a Starlink dish, review the notes at the bottom of the description tab about Starlink base mounts before placing your order. SHIPPING INCLUDED to the Lower 48 US States.

IMPORTANT: If you are installing the new “Starlink” satellite dish, you may have to locally source longer mounting bolts to attach the dish to this kit.

Our Satellite Mounting Dish Kit includes everything you need to install any standard* satellite dish on virtually any standing seam metal roof on the market. Not for use on Screw Down Panel Profiles. This dish kit can be installed in 15-20 minutes with only basic hand tools. The Kit includes:

  • 2 ea 26″ GripperFix Struts 54000140
  • 4 ea GripperFix CF Tab 54000138
  • 4 ea S-5 Original Seam Clamps (not mini clamps)
  • 4 ea M8-1.25x17mm Flanged Bolts (Bolts the CF Tab to the Clamp) 54000146
  • 4 ea M8-1.25x40mm Flanged Bolts (Inserts into the GripperFix Strut. Satellite dish is mounted to these bolts) 54000145
  • 4 ea M8 Flanged Nuts 54000111
  • 1 ea Driver Bit for Clamp Set Screws

This video shows the installation of our Satellite Dish Mounting Kit:

Tools you will need for installation:

  • Tape Measure
  • Drill/Screw Gun (impact driver should not be used)
  • 13mm wrench or socket, or adjustable wrench

Not required, but recommended:

  • Hacksaw or Sawzall with 14tpi minimum metal cutting blade
  • Torque Wrench (inch/lb for clamp set screws)

Important: Clamp set screws should be torqued to the minimum recommended torque for the clamp/panel combination specific to your roof. This is generally going to be between 115-175 inch/lbs, with 135 inch/lbs being the torque at which most clamps were tested. Most 18V drills/screw guns are more than capable of torqueing a set screw to within this range. Contact us for more information.


  1. Starlink has a variety of base mount options available, many of which may not work with this kit. In particular, the standard four point mount may or may not have holes large enough to accommodate the 8mm diameter bolts supplied with our kits, there may not be enough material around the holes to drill out to 5/16″ [8mm].
  2. We recommend the “Pivot” or “Volcano” mounts. Note that you may need to enlarge the mounting holes on the mount base with a 5/16″ drill bit if they are not large enough for the M8x40mm bolts we supply with the kit. Please consult your Starlink documentation or contact Starlink customer service to determine which of these two options is best for your specific roof application.
  3. Some older Starlink satellite dishes have a base that may require a longer bolt than we can supply to mount the dish (Our bolt is 1-9/16″ [40mm]). If you have one of these dishes, you will have to source longer bolts locally. We suggest preassembling your dish to one of the GripperFix rails to determine how much longer your fastener needs to be.
Standard Starlink Base (Note 1) Volcano Starlink Base (Note 2) Pivot Starlink Base (Note 2)

*Starlink is a registered trademark of Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SPACEX)

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