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S-5-Q Seam Clamp

S-5-Q Seam Clamp


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The S-5-Q clamp is specifically developed for metal roof panels with a large, round bulb seam configuration up to 29 mm. It provides a robust and reliable attachment solution for heavy-duty applications while preserving the warranties offered by roof manufacturers.

The S-5-Q clamp is a heavy-duty attachment solution designed for metal roof panels with large, round, or “bulb-shaped” seam configurations. It allows for the secure attachment of snow guards and other heavy-duty applications to these types of roof panels. The clamp features a two-piece design, making it easy to install anywhere along the seam.

The Q clamp is specifically designed to fit metal roof panels with large, round seam configurations such as Zip-Rib®, BEMO, Kalzip®, and similar profiles. It can also accommodate smaller bulb-shaped profiles (with a diameter of up to 0.75″ or 19mm) if the seam is not properly closed. For applications where the seams are properly closed, the S-5-Z clamp is a more cost-effective option.

One of the key advantages of the S-5!® patented zero-penetration technology is that it preserves the warranties provided by roof manufacturers. This means that by using the S-5-Q clamp, you can install heavy-duty applications without compromising the roof warranty.

The S-5-Q clamp comes with two 3/8″ x 24 x 0.80″ round nose set screws and one M8-1.25 x 16mm Hex Flange Bolt. All the hardware included with the clamp is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The insert of the clamp is made of aluminum.

The S-5-Q clamp has undergone load-to-failure testing by an independent laboratory, ensuring its reliability and strength. It is particularly suitable for use with snow retention systems like ColorGard.

In summary, the S-5-Q clamp provides a simple and effective solution for attaching heavy-duty applications to metal roof panels with large or small bulb-shaped seam configurations, offering durability, reliability, and preserving roof warranties.

Installing solar, satellite dishes or other less demanding roof products? The S-5-Q mini clamp may be a better choice.

The S-5-Q fits panel profiles similar to this:


Note that if the “bulb” on your panel is less than 3/4″, the S-5-Z clamp may be a cost effective alternative.

Product Specifications

  • Fits all of the profiles the ZS-5-Z fits and also accommodates standing seam metal roof panels with large, round “bulb” seams up to 1.14″ [29mm] in diameter
  • Used for Heavy-duty applications such as snow retention
  • Two (2) T30 Torx round-point setscrews (Torx bit provided) and one (1) m8 flanged bolt included
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