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S-5-K Grip & K Grip Snow Seam Clamp

S-5-K Grip & K Grip Snow Seam Clamp


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The S-5-K Grip is a product designed to fit the KlipLok and similar profiles. It is specifically designed to provide a secure attachment point for accessories like ColorGard on roofs with KlipLok and similar ribbed profiles. When ordering the S-5-K Grip, there are two different inserts available to compensate for the exact rib dimensions of the specific roof profile you are working with. These inserts ensure a precise fit and secure installation of the S-5-K Grip. If you intend to use the S-5-K Grip in conjunction with ColorGard, it is important to select the S-5-K Grip Snow version. This version is specifically designed to accommodate the ColorGard system, which is used for snow retention on metal roofs. By choosing the S-5-K Grip Snow version, you can ensure compatibility and optimal performance when installing ColorGard on your KlipLok or similar roof profile.

The S-5-K Grip, specifically designed for Klip-Lok® and similar metal roofs, offers increased holding strength for mounting various accessories. It addresses the unique challenges posed by these roof profiles.

The S-5-K Grip comes with two different inserts that compensate for the specific dimensions of the ribs on Klip-Lok® and similar profiles. This ensures a precise fit and secure attachment.

One advantage of the S-5-K Grip is that it eliminates the large moment arm that can be present in some other clamp designs. The mounting bolt of the S-5-K Grip sits concentrically on the seam, which helps to increase load resistance and overall stability.

Unlike some other S-5! clamps that use setscrews for attachment, the S-5-K Grip utilizes side-bolts. These flanged-head bolts serve multiple purposes. They prevent over-compression of the seam and eliminate the need for calibrated tensioning, simplifying the installation process.

It’s important to note that specific installation guidelines and load capacities may vary depending on the specific roof and application requirements. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines to ensure proper and safe installation of the S-5-K Grip or any other S-5! products.

S-5-K Grip vs S-5-K Grip Snow

The only difference between the S-5-K Grip and the S-5-K Grip Snow is the location of the top hole.

The off-centered bolt hole of the S-5-K Grip Snow is perfectly positioned to be used in combination with our industry-renowned ColorGard Snow Retention System.

Are you installing solar, satellite dishes or other less demanding products? The S-5-K Grip mini clamp might be a better option.

Which Insert do You Need?

S-5-GX10 fits Concealed Fix Narrow Seams (1″ width):

  • Lysaght Klip-Lok® 406
  • McElroy Metal Mirage
  • AEP Span Klip-Rib®
  • Metal Sales Clip-Loc
  • SpeedDeck®
  • Safintra Saflock 410 & 700
  • Domico Dach®
  • and similar profiles

S-5-GX50 fits Concealed Fix Wide Seams (1-3/8″ width):

  • Lysaght Klip-Lok Classic® 700
  • Lysaght Klip-Lok 700 Hi-Strength®
  • Stramit® Speed Deck Ultra®
  • Fielders KingKlip® 700
  • and similar profiles

Panel Profiles the S-5-K Grip fits:

Product Specifications:

  • Developed for best suitability to Klik-Rib®, Klip-Loc® and other concealed-fix, snap-together profiles
  • Design utilizes multiple insert options to accommodate variation sin brand-specific rib dimensions
  • Mounting bolt is directly at center of the clamp (S-5-K Grip) or offset for ColorGard applications (S-5-K Grip Snow)
  • Two (2) Side Bolts and one (1) top bolt included


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