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S-5-H Seam Clamp

S-5-H Seam Clamp


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The S-5-H clamp is a specific mounting solution designed to address the challenge of accommodating metal roof panels with wider horizontal seams that are not fully closed. It provides a secure and cost-effective method for attaching various accessories and equipment to these types of roofs.

The S-5-H clamp is specifically designed for standing seam profiles with a horizontal seam orientation that is not fully closed. It is a two-piece clamp that allows for easy attachment anywhere along the seam length. The clamp features a unique insert that allows it to fit over wider horizontal seams up to 0.75 inches (19mm) in width.

The S-5-H clamp is commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as snow retention systems. It is designed to provide a strong and secure attachment point for such applications. The clamp is tested for load-to-failure results by an independent laboratory, ensuring its reliability and performance.

The clamp comes with two T-30 Torx stainless steel round-point set screws, along with a driver bit for easy installation. It also includes one M8 stainless steel flanged bolt.

For lighter duty applications like installing solar panels or satellite dishes, the S-5-H mini clamp may be a suitable alternative. It offers similar functionality but is designed for smaller profiles and lighter loads.

Overall, the S-5-H clamp is a versatile and robust solution for attaching to horizontal seams that are not fully closed, providing a secure attachment point for various heavy-duty applications.

S-5-H works on panel profiles that look like this:

Other profiles that work with the S-5-H:

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