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ColorGard® 7′-8″ Un-Punched Snow Rail

ColorGard® 7′-8″ Un-Punched Snow Rail


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An integral part of the S-5!® ColorGard® system is the ColorGard cross-member. NEW 7’8″ Length. One splice included with each section of ColorGard.

An integral part of the S-5!® ColorGard® system is the ColorGard cross-member. After installing S-5!® seam clamps on the metal roof panel seams, the ColorGard cross-member attached with the use of VersaClip adapters to the S-5!® clamps. ColorGard-Unpunched. This 7′-8″ cross-member should be used anytime the panel width is not divisible by 4, or when running ColorGard on angles (up valleys, etc). When using the ColorGard-Unpunched, the Versa-Clip adapter is required for each clamp to cross-member connection. Learn more about ColorGard Components When installing ColorGard, never use S-5 mini clamps. Only S-5 regular clamps should be used for ColorGard installations. IMPORTANT: While most applications will require a single row of snow retention with an S-5!? clamp on every panel seam, we always recommend you contact us with your project information and allow to us to perform the calculations necessary to ensure a permanent snow retention system. There is no charge for this. Learn more about ColorGard installation These S-5 clamps are suitable for use with ColorGard:

  • S-5-E
  • S-5-H
  • S-5-H90
  • S-5-K Grip
  • S-5-N 1.5
  • S-5-N
  • S-5-Q
  • S-5-R465
  • S-5-S
  • S-5-T
  • S-5-U
  • S-5-V
  • S-5-Z

These S-5 Brackets are suitable for use with ColorGard:

  • Corrubracket
  • Corrubracket 100T
  • VersaBracket VB-47
  • VersaBracket VB-67
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