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ColorGard® 7’8″ Pre-punched Snow Rail

ColorGard® 7’8″ Pre-punched Snow Rail


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NEW LENGTH: All ColorGard Prepunched Rail is now 7’8″ in Length An integral part of the S-5!® ColorGard® system is the ColorGard cross-member. One splice is included with each ColorGard member purchased.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Pre-punched ColorGard is now 7’8″ in length.

An integral part of the S-5! ColorGard system is the ColorGard cross-member. After installing S-5! seam clamps on the metal roof panel seams, the ColorGard pre-punched cross-member is bolted directly to the  clamps, eliminating the need for VersaClip. This cross-member features pre-punched slots 4″ on center along the entire 7’8″ length of the part. This is ideal for roof panels that have widths divisible by 4, such as 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ panels. Learn more about ColorGard components IMPORTANT: While most applications will require a single row of snow retention with an S-5! clamp on every panel seam, we always recommend you contact us with your project information and allow to us to perform the calculations necessary to ensure a permanent snow retention system. This is a free service. Learn more about ColorGard installation S-5! mini seam clamps should never be use with ColorGard. These S-5 clamps are suitable for use with ColorGard:

  • S-5-E
  • S-5-H
  • S-5-H90
  • S-5-K Grip
  • S-5-N 1.5
  • S-5-N
  • S-5-Q
  • S-5-R465
  • S-5-S
  • S-5-T
  • S-5-U
  • S-5-V
  • S-5-Z

These S-5 Brackets are suitable for use with ColorGard:

  • Corrubracket
  • Corrubracket 100T
  • VersaBracket VB-47
  • VersaBracket VB-67
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