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Brass SnoPost-B

Brass SnoPost-B


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Snopost-B is used at every S-5-BSF clamp when building SnoFence.

The perfect snow retention system for traditional copper standing seam metal roofs. The Brass Snopost is, as the name suggests, manufactured from solid brass. Simply thread the Brass SnoPost into the top of an S-5-BE or S-5-BSF and insert an section of 3/8″ brass or copper rod through the hole in the top and you have SnoFence. Brass SnoPost-B is used at every S-5-BSF clamp, while Brass SnoPost-BE is used with the S-5-BE clamp (at end conditions or every 40′ of continuous run). Brass SnoPost-BE has a set screw in the top to allow you to lock the SnoRod in place to prevent migration.

Other Brass SnoRail/SnoFence Components:

  • S-5-BSF Brass Intermediate Seam Clamp
  • S-5-BE Brass End Seam Clamp
  • SnoPost B Intermediate Post for SnoFence
  • SnoPost BE End Post for SnoFence
  • SnoRod Brass
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