S-5-H90 Mini Seam Clamp


The S-5-H90 mini is a specific type of one-piece clamp designed for securely and cost-effectively accommodating metal roof panels with a horizontal seam wider than 0.65 inches (5/8 inches).


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The S-5-H90 mini is designed specifically for standing seam panels with horizontal, single-folded seams. It provides a secure and cost-effective solution for attaching various rooftop accessories such as signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, lighting systems, solar arrays, and more.

Here are some key specifications of the S-5-H90 mini:

  • Designed for standing seam panels with horizontal, single folded seams.
  • Offers a secure and cost-effective utility mounting attachment solution for horizontal seam dimensions greater than 0.65″ (16.5mm).
  • The setscrews are top-down oriented.
  • Fits all standing seams that the S-5-U mini fits horizontally
  • Medium-duty applications such as solar installations, signs, etc.
  • Can be used in pairs with DualGard snow retention systems.
  • It comes with one T-30 Torx round-point set screw (top installation), along with a driver bit provided.
  • The top of the S-5-H90 mini has an M8-1.25 threaded hole that can accommodate S-5! PVKit 2.0 and other M8 threaded products.

This product provides a versatile and reliable solution for attaching accessories to horizontal, single-folded seams on standing seam panels. It is suitable for various applications and offers ease of installation with its top-down oriented setscrews and threaded hole for additional attachments.

The Hex bolt is no longer standard with S-5! mini clamps. Options are:

*S-5!® Mini clamps are not compatible with, and should not be used with, S-5! SnoRail /SnoFence or ColorGard® snow retention systems.

The S-5-H90 fits panel profiles similar to these:

profiles that the S-5-H90 fits








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S-5-H90 mini Brochure
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No Bolt, 17mm (11/16") Bolt, 20mm (7/8") Bolt, 40mm (1-9/16") Bolt


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