PVKIT 2.0 EdgeGrab with Black Anodized Top Grab


Now available with a black anodized top grab, the S-5! PVKIT2.0 Edgegrab is used at all perimeter locations.

This kit includes a black grab, mill finish stud, screw and base plate.

Requires an S-5 mini clamp or bracket for attachment to the roof panel.

UL 2703 Listed.

Quantity Pricing Price
1 - 49 $7.31
50 - 199 $6.96
200 - 499 $6.82
500+ $6.69


The S-5 PVKIT 2.0 is now available with a Black Anodized Top Grab.
Note that only the grab itself is black. All other kit components (stud, bolt and base plate included) are mill finish. 
The S-5! PVKIT 2.0 EdgeGrab is used at all perimeter locations.
The Module Placement Bevel Guide makes the module placement easier. The mounting disk is multi-directional and rails are not required. The PV grab ears are broader for ease of installation and secure module engagement. For panel to panel connections, use the S-5! PVKIT 2.0 MidGrab.

PVKIT fits a wide array of module thicknesses. Use with S-5! mini clamps enables fitting to all standing seam metal roof profiles of any material. When paired with S-5! brackets, the PVKIT 2.0 also works on all trapezoidal ribbed and corrugated metal roofs. If desired, the PVKIT can also be used with regular S-5 clamps.

  • Modules can be easily installed from ridge-down or eave-up.
  • More slots for wire securement.

PVKIT 2.0 is UL 2703 Listed.

S-5 Mini Clamps and Brackets are not included.

Additional information

Weight 17.12 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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