S-5! DualGard

Learn about installing the DualGard System

S-5! DualGuard System Installation

Installation of the DualGard system is straightforward and requires:


Step 1: Preparing the Assembly

We recommend pre-loading the set screws in each mini seam clamp prior to beginning installation.

DualGard uses two S-5! Mini Clamps at each DualGard bracket location. One of the clamps should be attached to the bracket on what will become the upslope side.

Note: Determine which side of the roof panel seam the set screws will be applied to, and make sure to keep this in mind when bolting the mini clamps to the brackets. Hand tighten the included M8 hex bolts while attaching to the bracket during this step.

Important notice: When using S-5-U mini or S-5-H90 mini, clamps cannot be pre-attached to DualGard brackets.

Step 2: Install the first row of S-5 Mini Clamps

This row of clamps will support the downslope end of the DualGard bracket.

To ensure all of the clamps line up in a straight line, use the string line method: measure up from the eave at each end of the run you are working on and install a seam clamp. Wrap the string line around the clamp at one end, then pull it tight to the clamp at the other end. Install the clamps in between along the string line and all brackets will align with each other.

Tighten the set screw on each clamp to the recommended torque and check with a torque wrench.

Step 3: Prepare the pipe/bracket/clamp assembly

Slide the correct number of DualGard brackets onto the 8′ Dualpipes. On your first set, trim one of the 8′ pipes so that the splice joints will be staggered. On the first set of pipes, DualCollars should be fastened to both the top and bottom pipes no more than 7″ from the end of the pipes, about 1″ to the inside of the first DualBracket.

Step 4: Attach the pre-assembled DualGard to the pre-mounted seam clamps

Please the pre-assembled section of DualGard pipes and brackets on the roof and align each bracket with the clamps already in place on the roof panel seams. Bolt the DualGard bracket to the downslope mini clamp using M8 bolts (included with seam clamps) and secure using a wrench or socket to 156 in/lbs (13ft/lbs).

Tighten the setscrews in the upslope clamp to the recommended torque, then tighten the bolt securing the DualGard bracket to the clamp.

Step 5: Splices

At the end of any DualPipe where it meets an adjoining section of pipe, it is neccessary to install a pipe splice. Splices are included when you purchase DualPipe. As you install each adjoining section of DualGard Assembly, simply slide the splices into the pipe joints to make a continuous unbroken run of pipe. To ensure maxium holding strength, splice should be staggered so that only one splice is used between any pair of DualGard brackets.

Note: S-5! splices are designed with a slight dimple at the center to allow for thermal expansion.

Step 6: Completing the assembly and adding final components

Repeat all steps until the assembly is completed. As in Step 3, the last section of pipe assembly should have DualCollars placed just inside the last bracket of the run. Once the last section is in place. tighten the set screws on the DualCollars, making sure to leave 1″ of space between the collars and the bracket at both ends of the assembly to allow thermal movement. Install end caps in the ends of the DualPipes at both ends of the run.

Note: DualGard assemblies should not exceed 100′ in length. If a run longer than 100′ is necessary, finish one run of 100′, then begin a second run of assembly.


Don’t forget DualClips.

S-5! recommends the use of DualClips with the DualGard system

DualClip II and DualClip III are optional components that can be added to your DualGard snow retention system to furth reduce the migration of snow. DualClip II fits seam heights from 1″ to 1.5″, while DualClip III fits seams from 1-3/4″ to 3-1/4″

If your roof panelhas a width of less than 24″ between roof panel sams, then one DualClip should be used on the first row of snow retention. If your panel seam width is greater than 24″, then two DualClips should be used.


Industry Leader in Metal Roofing Attachments.

S-5! stays on top of the trends in the metal industry to provide the right products to fit virtually any metal roof profile. S-5! have developed clamps and brackets to support solar and utility installations, along with a top-of-the-line snow retention system to support and protect your metal roof investment.


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